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About the Project

Curian Capital, LLC provides customized investment management products and services. In 2012, Curian wanted a public facing reskin as part of a larger, overall branding refresh. From the development side, our team was concerned with writing clean, maintainable code that allows adding new pages/sections easily.


  • Working with two other front end teammates using HTML/CSS/JS, we launched the 35+ public pages in summer of 2012.
  • YUI for carousel animation
  • Modernizr allows us to implement newer features for modern browsers while still supporting older browers.
  • Implemented a mechanism that allows our client to provide tailored content to users depending on a role selection
  • Helped guide the client through information architecture, search engine optimization, and UX decisions.

Note: The orignal code for this project was reworked in the summer of 2014 to accomodate the use of Java Server Faces. More information can be found in this case study.


Template Driven Design & Development

To ensure a consistent experience across all pages, we took a templated approach. Applying a limited number of templates to the content not only allowed our clients to easily visualize the direction of the project, but also made new content additions easier (a task performed by a different group).

curian template wireframes

Role Tailored Content

After the reskin launch, the client is able to deliver relevant content to the appropriate audiences based on a role selection choice on a user's first visit. Subsequent visits will recognize the role and display designated content.

Search Engine Optimized

Content, page titles, and descriptions were crafted to produce organic search results for business related keywords.

Improved Error Messaging & Validation

Maintenance notifications and validation messages were rethought and consistently implemented to improve the users' experience. This was particularly helpful when signing up new users, as the registration forms are extensive.


The site was well received by our clients and their users (with joyous exclamations of the rotating carousel banners). The reskin reestablished Curian's identity as a leader in asset management.

curian before screenshots curian after screenshots
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