More Than Meets The Eye post-login rewrite

About the Project

Overhauling the logged-in pages of was an enormous project spanning 20+ months of development. Replacing a 10-year-old infrastructure, the platform was rewritten on a modern technology stack that offers new financial tools and a more intuitive user interface.


  • Worked closely with 7+ developers, UX specialists and designers throughout the project
  • Collaborated directly with 25+ backend developers
  • Worked heavily with Primefaces, a Java Server Faces framework
  • Drafted and refined 30+ wireframes for pages with multiples roles, states, and flows
  • Controled the look and feel of over 40+ pages, spanning 6+ major areas

Note: All unauthorized wireframes, screenshots, and code samples located behind the Curian login are confidential. To learn more about this project, please contact me directly.


Extensive Sketching & Wireframing

Typically starting out with pen and paper, ideas were quickly iterated. Using Fireworks, we were able to create low fidelity "flows" which were regularly reviewed and approved by the client. Wireframes were instrumental to collaboration, frequently referenced during development and documentation by many teams.

Primefaces Theming

Carrying over looks from the redesigned public pages required significant modifications to Primefaces compontent styles.

JSF Composite Components

These reusable blocks of code were created to speed up development time. Examples used are:

  • maintenance/system messages
  • animated carousels
  • navigation mechanisms

Shiny New Tools & Features

User feedback prompted additional features and tool implementation, making Curian stand apart from competitors. During the rewrite, we worked on:

  • improvements to the proposal system
  • projected investment forecast/historical performance visualization
  • new system linking clients to proposed investments
  • features to mitigate risk of private personal information (PPI) exposure

Low Risk Maintenance

Implemented a CMS-like system for content changes and overall maintenance.


Curian rewrite successfully launched in July 2014. The collaboration between front end deveopment, back end development, testing teams, and business units brought this project to fruition, positioning Curian to deliver efficient development and fresh innovation in future projects.


" a result of the initiative, we have a captive audience so that we can instill in our advisors the breadth and depth of the platform."

Associate Vice President of Platform Management, Curian Capital

"Wow, this site really is sexier."

Anonymous User Feedback
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