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Responsive Landing Page Sample

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Landing Page on Mobile

About the Project

A coding exercise that allowed me to cater to the needs of a user looking for a Mother's Day present. Large, bold images, easy to scan text and a simple presentation can quickly convert users to into satisfied customers.


  • Provided clean, validated code
  • Create a user-centered experience


User-Centered Design

Keeping accessibility principles in mind for users who may be using screen readers by providing accurate, meaningful alt text for images/proudcts.


Using media queries, I created a set of styles that would allow the page to display across a number of devices, including mobile and tablet.

Note: Responsive styles were added after the main page was created. Ideally, the page should have been created responsive first, then adding additional styles for wider devices.

From Mockup to Code

Created from a layered PSD file provided, I was able to slice and optimize the images and create a page from scratch using modern coding standards.