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bootstrap responsive framework

About the Project

After my labrador/german shepherd underwent knee surgery, I was given a plethora of care instructions, medicine schedules and therapy exercises. To ensure correct and consistent care, I needed to rapidly share information with several individuals in a format that was accessible & easy to read. A mobile-first page was a natural fit.


  • Quickly & easily eveloped using the Bootstrap framework
  • Page accessed on Android & iOS devices


Fast, Easy Development

After quickly browsing through the documentation, I grabbed framework and immediately got to work.

Total development time: < 1 hour.


The fluid grid layout dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution. Easily digested from desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Consistent Look & Feel

Packaged styles that were easy to find and utilize, including:

  • icons
  • alert/messaging styles
  • tabular data display